Daily Archives: February 11, 2018

Side Projects and Office Organizing

A good day today.  The appliance held up, so the “caking” of the powder with the barrier spray must have done an adequate job of protecting the skin.  My sizing of the barrier opening along with using only part of the ring to focus it on creating a good barrier, but not too thick also seems to have helped.  I can see that the skin outside of the barrier is still raw where the previous barriers had failed, so I will definitely have the nurse check that out and get suggestions.

Otherwise today I did a little bit or work on a side project, and some house keeping in my home office.  My All-in-one Printer/Scanner/Copier/Fax is now online and working great.  I also moved a half dozen old computers to the under stair storage along with other miscellaneous boxes and gear.  I still need to get the Ethernet run from the upstairs (living room) to the downstairs (office) which will allow me to get the work computer off of wifi which should yield a much more reliable connection for both work and the video conferencing.

The new MacBook Pro is working fine.  I purchased on Amazon.com a Thunderbolt 3 to dual Displayport device that is driving my two monitors really well.  I also picked up 2 USB-C to USB-A adapters that allowed me to connect that laptop to my switched USB hub ( It can support up to 4 different computers, provides 4 USB-A connections and has a button to select which computer is connected).  This serves as a basic hub for far less cost than the $300 docking station I have my eye on.  I also cleaned off a larger spot on my desk for Isabella to occupy.  Despite that, she still wants to sit right on my mouse pad.