Daily Archives: February 1, 2018

Not so bad

Today was another pretty good day.  I felt strong all day and it being my third day with the same appliance, I am feeling more confident that my problems of last weekend may be behind me.

I checked out the samples I received from Coloplast and they look pretty good.  I don’t think I will apply one of those tomorrow, but will plan to try it on the next one.  It serves the same purpose as the ones I have been using, but is a bit fancier.  Since I have my next chemotherapy session next Wednesday, and I would be scheduled to replace the appliance on either Monday or Tuesday, it may not be the right time to try something different.

I worked a normal day, even going into the office.  When I returned home, I was surprised by a package at my door.  It was an awesome messenger bag with a blanker, some tea and other goodies.  This will be great for taking to my chemotherapy treatments, where my every day backpack tends to already be quite filled.  Special thanks to my awesome friends Mark and Darlene for this very thoughtful gift.

Since I know that many of my friends at Viasat read this record of my recovery, I want to also extend a thanks to them for the thoughtful flowers that I received in the hospital and when I got home.  This in no way should be interpreted by anyone as me asking for presents, I am simply extending my gratitude for the thoughtfulness that went into the ones I received.

Frank and Liz arrived back home intact and have resumed their normal lives.  Isabella seems very happy to have her home back the way that she likes it, and I am thankful for all of the awesome people in my life who have shown such concern and caring as they have heard about my situation.