Daily Archives: February 7, 2018

Second treatment underway

The highlight of today was my second chemotherapy treatment. This treatment added the missing element of my cocktail, the Avastin is the attack dog in the cocktail.  While the Oxaliplatin and Flourouracil (5-FU) attack the cells ability to reproduce, while the Avastin goes after the supply lines that bring blood to the cells by blocking the ability to create new blood vessels.  The main side effect (actually it is directly tied to the intended effect) is a reduction in the ability of the body to heal from injury.  It is important when on this drug to avoid activities that could have a high probability of injury, so my cycling will be isolated to the training stand until treatment is done.

Before starting the treatment, they took blood to run labs.  My labs were all good and my blood counts well within normal range.  Blood was also drawn to check my Iron, and various other vitamin and mineral levels, but those results will not be available for a few days, so I probably won’t know them until my next treatment on 2/21/18.

The treatment went well, and after a long session, I headed home at 2PM with the infusion pump installed.

I am still dealing with some issues with the Ostamy appliance, but I may be getting a better handle on it.  I had issues over the last few days similar to my bad weekend, but at least this time my supplies are pretty fat, so stress is not too high.  This morning I replaced the appliance twice, once at 3AM when I woke up to do my normal emptying and noticed that where I had applied the extra adhesive band the day before, I could see some effluent staining, and on the opposite side I noticed that the adhesive was already lifting, so it was going to fail soon.  The replacement appliance went on well and looked very good, but it did not survive my shower a few hours later.  I noticed after the shower that there was already some leakage.  I was getting close to my appointment time, so I needed to do a quick replacement. This time I rotated the new barrier back to the “square” orientation and so far it seems to be pretty secure.  If this holds up then the lesson here may be that I need to alternate to orientation of the barrier to avoid over stressing the specific location on my skin where the adhesive sits.

The final thing today was to deal or start to deal with my dead laptop problem.  I was feeling pretty good around 6PM so I took a quick drive to the local Apple store to see how I felt using the newest MacBook pro keyboard.  I used the online typing test (TypingTest.com) to see what my Word Per Minute rating would be compared to using my Acer laptop.  The MacBook Pro came in about 5 words per minute lower after adjusting for mistakes, while the Acer scored 59, the MacBook pro scored a 54.  This is probably something that will easily get better with practice since that keyboard has a larger gap between the keys and the key travel Is different.  Satisfied that it will serve my needs I pulled the trigger and purchased one.  I was happy to find out that my company gets a discount at my local Apple store (at least on computers) and I received a $200 discount on the insane price ( I needed the 15″ with the 512GB SSD, so that put me at the top end if I didn’t want to special order).  When I got home, I got on Amazon.com and ordered a pair of USB-C to USB-A (3.1) dongles which should arrive on Friday and once here I will be able to unbox the new computer and set it up using the Time Machine backup of my old computer that I made a few days ago when I noticed it was starting to show signs of impending death.