Daily Archives: February 2, 2018

Blood work and sporting goods.

The highlight of today was my blood work.  This was the first check since my chemotherapy started and I must say that I was a little bit nervous going in.  I have not experience any obvious side effects, so I was concerned that instead I would have some hidden reaction.

The good news was that my white blood count was actually higher than a week ago (taken before the first treatment) and my weight was the same as the day of my first treatment.

After consulting with the nurse practitioner at the oncologists office, I am going to start adding some exercise to my routine.  I stopped at Dick’s sporting goods and picked up some light ( 10#, 15# and 20#)  dumbbells.  I plan to introduce some light resistance training and start doing some easy spinning with my bike on my training stand.  Everything that I read says that staying active helps with the healing.  My only restriction is to not tire myself excessively.