Daily Archives: February 8, 2018

Day 2 of Second Treatment

Today was day 2 of the second treatment.  Yesterday we added the Avastin, and I again went home with the pump delivering the 5-FU over 46 hours.  I have definitely been feeling the cold sensitivity from the Oxilaplatin but that should go away in another day.  I felt it last time, but it lasted a shorter amount of time.  The main thing from it is if I drink anything cold I feel it like ice in my throat.  Otherwise I just need to avoid washing my hands with cold water.

I am writing this using my new MacBook Pro, and I am getting accustomed to the keyboard.  It is a little noisy compared to the old one, but not too bad. The display is gorgeous.  Migrating my applications and data from my old one to the new was pretty easy since I had made a TimeMachine backup a week ago.  I am completing the migration using the removed hard drive to get the large VM images that I don’t have backed up due to size.

Tomorrow I have small ambitions.  I ended today pretty tired, so other than getting the pump turned in, I don’t expect to do much.  I will work for awhile, but may call it an early day.