Daily Archives: January 13, 2018

Lazy Saturday

Not much to tell for today.  Continuing to feel better as I heal from the surgery.  I spent the day in mostly napping and watching television.  The most noteworthy thing for the day was that I can now sit up without rolling on my side.  This may not seem like much to anyone who has not had surgery on their abdomen but for those of us who have, you know what a milestone that can be.


today was a good day.

So another day and even more healing from the surgery.  The swelling has been going down daily and I almost have a wait again.  I had a visit from the home care nurse today and she changed out my “apparatus” (the pouch system) for me and showed me a slightly different technique than the last one.  I am hoping to start doing it more for myself during next week’s 2 visits and become independent again.  She also mentioned that my surgery incision area was healing nicely.  I was a little bit amused at her reaction to how few medications I am on.  In a nutshell I take 2 10mg Pepcid, 1 Multi Vitamin and as needed some Tylenol.  She is clearly used to older patients.  My relative youth for this diagnosis and generally good health are going to be key to my tolerating the aggressive chemotherapy so I am thankful for that.

Otherwise today I managed to work a full day from home.  I did take a break for a brief nap around lunch and to spend an hour with the nurse but otherwise it was great to be able to focus on something other than my recovery plan.

Tonight Frank, Liz and I went to The Roxy in Encinitas for dinner and to catch a set of Life After Electricity.  It took a small amount of arm twisting to get Frank to go, but he was impressed by the band and enjoyed the food and was ultimately very happy that we made the outing.  If you find yourself at the Roxy, I can strongly recommend the Gouda Mac & Cheese.  It is absolutely great.  If you have never seen Life After Electricity perform, then you need to find out when they are playing and get it on your calendar.  The only downside to watching them is the slight intimidation you feel at seeing folks do something so well with such casual ease.