Daily Archives: January 9, 2018

I am home again.

So today they released me from the Hospital.

My brother Frank and his wife Liz arrived in town last night and despite it being after visiting hours, the wonderful people at the Scripps Encinitas Hospital allowed them a short visit.  I lifted my spirits to see them.

This morning I had a procedure to install the “Port” that will be used throughout my chemotherapy.  The port or the Mediport is a device that was attached to my right chest muscle and it provides an insertion point for the needle.  The port then connects internally through a small tube that was run through my jugular vein to provide access to the circulatory system.  The device is completely under the skin and once I heal will allow the injection of the drugs and drawing of blood needed for the treatments.

After that procedure I had some additional training on how to care and manage my pouch for the ileoscopy and eventually was discharged from the hospital.  I am now home, showered and shaved and receiving love from my cat Isabella once again.