Another day, and optimism is still high.

The big event for today was the meeting with my Oncologist.

I woke up feeling better than yesterday, the surgery trauma is healing nicely and my ability to sit up and get out of bed it getting much better.

The meeting was for 1:45PM, so I had the morning free to relax and fill out the 20 pages of forms for the doctor that I needed to hand in at the appointment.  After that it was just time to wait until the drive to the office.

We should have left earlier.  As simple as that, I thought that it would be sufficient to leave at 1PM to drive to the office on Gennesee Ave.  It would have been except finding their office based on GPS routes turned out to be far from straight forward.  After much stress and searching about, Frank managed to get us to the office building where I jumped from the car (well it would have been jumping if I could move faster than I do) and moved with all haste to the doctors office, hoping that my being 30 minutes late would not jeopardize the meeting.  Thankfully, the staff were very understanding and they got me in to see the doctor without any fuss.

The meeting with the doctor went very positively.  We discussed the plan form my treatments which will involve the chemical injections every other Friday, with a device that will distribute some over time that will go home with me for later disconnect.  Progress will be assessed at 2 month intervals with adjustments made as needed.  We have agreement on my hoped for outcome which would see the cancer in remission and my ileostomy reversed.  Even better, she mentioned a time frame as soon as 6 months if things go well and I respond to the treatment positively.  I must say that my spirits are quite buoyed by the thought that I could be that far along in that short of time.  I had been thinking after discussions in the hospital that it could be over a year, so the idea that I could be back to engaging in normal pursuits by the Fall makes me very happy.  I expect to have my first treatment on January 26, 2018, and if all goes in the best possible way will be throwing myself a celebratory outing in September.  Vegas anyone?

Pretty much that meeting was the cap of the day.  We fought early rush hour(s) traffic back home and settled in.  It is really great spending time with my brother.  With me living here so long now I never really get to just dialog with him, so that has been really a bonus in all of this.

One thought on “Another day, and optimism is still high.

  1. Dana Damian

    I have to say, Rich, I really do appreciate this manner of learning what’s going on with your daily happenings. I am certain I’m not alone. I’m thrilled that your family is there with you….really grateful. Keep that positive outlook and know that I am thinking of you. Thank you for keeping those that love and care for you, in the know. Xoxo
    Love, Dana

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