Another day, another procedure

So today was pretty busy. I finally enlisted a Primary Care Physician. The is the person who will be acting as the General Contractor to manage the team of specialists that I will be dealing with. Obviously I should have had one long ago, but once they opened the health clinic on our campus at work it was easy enough to deal with basic things like shots and physicals there.

I had half of my formal training on my new bag friend. It is a good thing that I am not squeamish (not that it would have mattered). Tomorrow I will (under supervision) replace the bag with a new one and receive my supplies to manage this myself. This is my life for the foreseeable future (until the chemo courses are done and the tumors are eliminated) so there is nothing to do but accept it.

My brother and his wife are flying today and should be here tonight. That is a tremendous relief to know that I will have someone else with me when I meet with the Oncologist tomorrow to discuss the battle strategy.

Finally, the good news. I get my “port” installed in the morning and expect to be sent home later in the day. I even get to eat food that looks like food tonight.

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