So I have cancer

So I have cancer. That is my new reality and of course that sucks, but that does not matter. The reality and facts are what they are so now it is time to deal with it.

There is much to know about cancer, but probably the most important thing is that we have given so much power to that word that it does not provide any useful information itself. You can look it up but essentially cancer describes any cell growths that do not follow the intended blueprint from the original DNA. See how useless that is. It makes you treat all cancer in the most generic of terms and does not get you closer to understanding anything.

Since this is my blog and my story, I get to be more specific. I have stage 4 Colon cancer. It likely started 18 to 24 months ago in my colon and over the last 2 years grew to create a blockage in my transverse Illium, and grew out the colon to the Duodenum as well as having some cells just go off and start to colonize my liver.

Wow, stage 4. That sounds really scary. The thing is, that just means that the cancer has jumped ship and started spreading to another organ. While that is still a scary thing, it is not the end of the world, just a more complicated scenario. You see, if you catch it in stage 1, it is much more easily managed. By stage 4 we now need to plan an all out war on the bastards.

This is where it starts to get interesting. Tremendous research and advances have been made in cancer treatment, thanks to lots of fund raising and the advances in our technological base. Instead of just blindly flooding the system or area with poison, they can now evaluate the DNA of the cancer cells themselves and target a specific poison that should be much more effective. I meet with the Oncologist on Tuesday, so for now my knowledge here is pretty much what I can get from google searches, but in a summary this is not a death sentence. It will take years and it will suck along the way, but this is the beginning not the end.

My symptom that brought me to the hospital was the blockage caused by the cancer which prevented me from passing any food waste through to the system. The blockage became extreme enough that I essentially was on a liquid diet.

I just turned 50. I had already started my physical and was scheduling my first colonoscopy when my health care provider ordered x-rays to see if we could figure out what was wrong and then promptly sent me to the ER to be admitted.

A CT scan was conducted along with ultra sound to try to assess the condition and following the analysis of those results, surgery was scheduled with the intent of removing what looked like a blockage in the transverse Illium after which Chemo therapy would be used to address the colony on the liver. During the surgery the surgeon was able to visually see that the tumor was bigger than detected by the scans and instead of the original plan, he went to plan B and set me up with an ileostomy to allow me to eat and process food while the Chemo treatments are being done.

So here I sit now with my new bag recovering from the surgery and waiting to see what plan the Onclogist has for fixing me and getting me back to myself.

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  1. Georgia Ellis

    Don and I are praying for your complete recovery. We know that you are strong and loved by many.
    In case our names don’t ring a bell, Denise and I are best friends from high school. Also, we are the
    couple who barge in on the Geasland’s holiday get togethers.

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