Greetings from unexpected sources

Today I received an envelope containing cards from the students in my niece’s first grade class. They were all very nice and I was happy to get them.  If well wishing and positive thinking is the key, I certainly have that in abundance now.  Thank you Jessica for the warm thoughts, and thank your students as well.  You can tell them that I don’t really have a favorite color, I find them all quite nice. The students are all quite keen on seeing the now famous Isabella, so here is a picture:

Otherwise, today was mostly uneventful.  I am still not feeling any of the dreaded side effects from the chemotherapy, but am still experiencing a degree of consternation with my Ostomy appliance.  I tried 2 different ones today (samples sent by the vendors) and both failed within hours.  I hope they were just the wrong size, but my normal one has been causing problems again, so I will make sure that the nurse checks it all out on Monday, and hopefully she will have some suggestions.  I went online and pushed an order so hopefully I will get that in before I get into another stressful situation.  So far my reserves are still looking fine, but that is not guaranteed if I have multiple failures in a single day.


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