Pump turn-in day

Today was pump turn in.  It ended the 46 hours of 5-FU infusion.  So far the only side-effect from the second treatment has been the expected cold sensitivity.  I am hoping that it will end soon since it is quite a nuisance.  It is mostly noticed if I drink something cold since it feels like ice in my throat.  Beyond that my hands are very cold sensitive so I need to make sure the water has warmed up before washing them.

Today generally felt good, but I was a little tired this afternoon.  All things considered though, every time I go to the treatment center I feel like I am actually getting off easy.  Some of the patients are in great pain and having a much harder time of it.  I am grateful for the good health that I started out with and am determined to do what I can to keep that edge.

My ostomy appliance still serves as my most troublesome thing.  I made it until this afternoon without any leaks and am grateful for the 2.5 days that it lasted.  I swapped it out with another only to have that one leak almost immediately.  Since I had gotten samples from another vendor, I tried out their appliance.  It was a different style.  Instead of cutting it to fit, you are supposed to mold it to fit.  I think they sent a size too small though.  My first attempt to apply the barrier failed when the barrier material sprang back before I had it applied and it was too tight around the stoma.  Removing the barrier left it in a dubious condition, so I tried again with the second one (they sent 2).  This one seemed to apply fine but I felt that itching indicating that the barrier was compromised a few hours later.  I swapped it out for one of the ones I had from the nurse which have a larger barrier than I usually use, and i am hoping that the increased surface area will provide a better seal.  I am holding out on trying the other vendors product until next time. If this one makes it until Monday, I will try to wait for the nurse to change it again and have her check out the condition of the skin and stoma.  I don’t have too many visits planned from the nurse so I want to take advantage of this one.  I think the best thing that I can do to improve my appliance adhesion is to lose the remains of my gut.  It is difficult to apply a flat barrier to a round belly.

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