A tale of dead laptops

Today was going pretty well. I had a minor incident when I woke likely related to a poor choice for dinner the night before, but after changing out the appliance, things were heading in a normal direction. I made it to work just in time for a long meeting where I encountered several folks that I get to see infrequently (always a pleasure to get reacquainted), and afterward, had a pleasant lunch with a couple of friends. All in all, the day went pretty well.

All of this came to a screeching halt when I booted my MacBook Pro and noticed that the login pictures seemed to have some unexpected artifacts. In the past this was evidence that the graphics chip had gone bad (or a solder joint for it, or something along that line). I had this “repaired” twice already, with the second time being within the 90 day warranty offered by the repairing company, but at this point I just have no trust in that process anymore. My suspicions were proven when it booted to a white screen

So I am now finding myself in the market for a replacement. I am not certain if I will get another Mac, or just go with the cheap windows laptop I already have. It is a hard call since I have grown quite fond of the Mac, having used one since 2003, but it is hard to justify the cost for even a refurbished 2015 model (the last year that they had a decent keyboard on the MacBook Pro).

For now I am typing this on my iPad Pro, and it is doing fine, so fear not loyal reader, the blog will go on.

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