Rich Dubrawski
Welcome to my space on the web.
Now that I have moved to for my hosting, I have decided to take this opportunity to completely rewrite my personal web page.
With the rise of social networking sites such as facebook and myspace, the concept of the personal home page has changed. At one point most everybody that I knew had a page such as this, but now more and more they are simply using a social networking site instead.
Since I use this domain ( for other purposes as well, I wanted to capture something of what an old school page would be.
I will eventually update my legacy site to here, keeping what is important, and discarding the rest.
For now it will be available as
I originally planned to use the cool iweb software to generate and manage my site, but I was unhappy with the strict layout that it imposed. I am trying rapidweaver now to see if it is any better.
Check out my blog while you are here.
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